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Microsoft Exchange Server Recovery

Exchange Server Recovery - The Information You Possess is Your Most Valuable Asset

Microsoft Exchange Server is a common database platform for businesses because it,s user-friendly and hosted by Microsoft. However, your databases on Exchange Server are still susceptible to outside factors, including unforeseen power failures, hardware failures, virus corruption, or data corruption. In turn, this may be a source of potential data loss, which could translate to losing a large percentage of your business' revenue.

If you are now in such a state and don't have any idea on how to recover all your lost Exchange Server data, you can come to us.  Data Recovery  is a top-tier recovery services company, with unparalleled experience in recovering data from all kinds of storage devices. Our expert IT specialists have vast experience working with Microsoft Exchange Server and can handle tasks from analysis, troubleshooting, and recovery to restoration and security optimization.

Exchange Server Recovery - The Whole Nine Yards

We won't just recover damaged EDB files; we will also make sure that your database will be more robust than ever, adding security features that will keep your business running smoothly for years to come. Here are some of the key components of our Exchange Server Recovery services: 

  • Reparation of Exchange Database (EDB) files, including those that became Unicode-formatted
  • Recovery of all files in your Microsoft Exchange Server (e-mails, folders of e-mails, attachments, task lists, calendar, contacts)
  • Restoration and recovery of lost mailboxes
  • Selective recovery of user mailboxes

Whether you're on Windows 7, Vista, XP or even older versions Server 2003 and 2000, we can perform Exchange Server recovery services for you.

Don't Let Your Business Fail, Contact Us

Data is arguably the most integral part of any modern business. Therefore, you shouldn't risk leaving your corrupted database files the way they are. You must take action and recover all your lost Microsoft Exchange Server data with our help.

We have the most competitive rates anywhere and we also get high satisfactory rates from our customers because of the transparency of our business and the high quality of our services. Contact us at

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