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Fix your Shattered IPhone 6 Screen

Fix your Shattered IPhone 6 Screen

So your iPhone screen broke, and so did your heart, but if you let us, we can heal

them both. No kidding. We have that magic touch that will give your broken

screen a total makeover.

At   we know how bad it hurts to see a broken phone

screen, but that should not ruin your day. We can fix your screen no matter

the brand or the damage. After having fixed over 20,000 iphones we are confident 

you came to the right place for a 30 minute in and out repair.

From LCD replacement, water damage or a clean-up

service, we have professional technicians with the knowledge to provide the best

solutions you might need.

We specialize in screen replacements, hardware repair and data recovery.

 We will clean up your shattered phone

screen and replace it with a new and good quality screen. We have various

quality and affordable parts to select from. Our services are prompt and with

swift delivery.

Your happiness is our priority, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our service

costs are kept at minimal price to ensure that you don’t break the bank just to fix

your phone.

If you see troubles with your charging cable, charger port, rear camera /front camera, battery health, iphone battery, headphone jack and so much more, feel free to contact us!  We can help with all types of iphones whether its a new one, (ex: iphone SE,) or an older iphone. We conduct screen repairs that can be beneficial for you! Tired of blurry photos due to a bad rear camera? Tired of your iphones headphone jack not working? We got you covered!

We also participate in repair pricing, we have our own repair shop, and can lifetime guarantee great customer service!

We open 7 days a week 9am to 9pm all year round. Visit our website   to find our store location nearest to you and to book


Our Repair Services Includes
  • iPhone 6 Application Analysis
  • iPhone 6 Battery Replacement
  • iPhone 6 Camera Lens Repair (front and rear)
  • iPhone 6 Camera Replacement (front and rear)
  • iPhone 6 Charge Port Repair
  • iPhone 6 Charger Replacement
  • iPhone 6 Earphone Port Repair
  • iPhone 6 Glass Replacement
  • iPhone 6 LCD Replacement

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